Creation of handwoven garments is about the return to the origins – the origin of garment production “from the yarn” and about going back to the place of our own origins. Taking inspirations from people who are dedicated to craft techniques and to bring these fascinations into the modern world to enrich our everyday’s life is the main vision of the studio.

We have several pieces of folk clothing at home, and each is almost undamaged even though it has endured two or more generations, people have appreciated these garments and inherited from generation to generation. They were made slowly but lasted longer than many of the clothes made today. In my collection I wanted to create something similar, because it makes more sense to me. – Kristína

Garments are hand-knitted or hand-woven from carefully selected yarns. Some pieces are made from re-used linen handwoven textiles which are collected in the region of central Slovakia which were handwoven in the beginning of 20th century. These textiles are still of exceptional quality. In handwoven garments, hand-carded and hand-spun linen yarns from the past in Slovakia are combined with silk yarns from Japan. The unique character of fabric is created for each kind of garment.

The fabrics are woven directly for the cut, producing minimal production waste. Pattern design solutions allow maximum use of woven fabrics for the final garments. When using high-quality yarns, garments are less worn over the time, more durable and preserve their shape. The fabrics are firm but at the same time airy, allowing pieces to be worn longer.


Kristína’s work is the intersection of revival of handweaving and delicacy in the making of textiles. Grew up in Telgárt, surrounded by rich slovak’s textile heritage, she has also taken inspirations from different countries where she has lived. During her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia and at the Oslo National Academy of Arts, Norway, she undertook internship at Danish studio Beck&Kinch, where she was producing custom-made, hand-woven fabrics for Chanel. She gained experiences as Visual researcher at Studio Edelkoort in Paris and at Design Assistant at Studio Marlène Huissoud. In Paris, she has also been teaching Textiles and Colour Theory courses at the International Fashion Academy IFA Paris.

photos by Nora and Jakub Čaprnka