This is a 3 hour workshop in a group of maximum 5 people that will enable you to play with yarns and colours on a small frame loom.

A creative workshop that will cover the basic weaving and tapestry techniques using a beautiful selection of yarns and fibres. A great way to use your hands, create something tactile whilst learning the basics of this mindful craft.

The result of the workshop will be your own handwoven miniature.

You will receive the material pack for the workshop which contains:

  • plywood frame
  • selection of yarns (japanese paper yarn, silk, cotton, linen and wool)
  • needles
  • simulation of the weave’s structures

One week prior to the workshop, you will receive pdf with inspirational images and texts which can help you to understand the limitless possibilities of weaving.

Workshop will take place at our atelier in Nová Cvernovka from 9:00 to 12:00.

Tea and cake will be provided.


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