Loafer Slides


Handwoven corn husk loafer slides, made entirely by hand. Before weaving, corn husks needed to be collected and prepared – they are sundried for days to change the color from fresh green to neutral white. Each corn husk is handspun into longer thread which is handwoven on shoeform. For one pair, more than 15 metres long thread made out of corn husks is needed.

Handweaving: Valéria Gyurusiová

Shoe size: 38 (EU) 5 (UK) 7 (US) 24 (Japan)

Shoe inner length is 25 cm and inner width is 9cm. If your foot length is 23-24 cm and the foot width 8-9cm they will fit you. The final shape is firm but will nicely adjust to the shape of your feet while wearing. Corn husk texture gently massage your soles with every step.

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